Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hyper-Inflation Warning #2: The Banks Want Out?

Sometimes things happen that are so surprising, you don't or can't believe your eyes.

For several years now, those of us with common sense and fully functioning brains have known that the so-called "Economic Recovery" was all a big public relations lie, based on fraudulent statistics and perception management, i.e. continual, non-stop, massive propaganda. But since the percentage of people who can think for themselves is at an all-time historic low, a fact TPTB use to their continual advantage, the can of denial has been kicked down the road far longer than almost anyone could have imagined.

The insiders that run this country have used this extra time to continue looting the dwindling middle-class of its few remaining valuable assets, while dumping their worthless Wall Street paper onto the hapless middle-class' retirement plans, preparing for the third financial crash this century.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Each day has become a battle of wills, of fact versus fiction, but because fiction is supported by seemingly endless amounts of Federal Reserve computer keystrokes that most believe is money, the prudent suffer the consequences of false manipulated markets, while the imprudent travel down the "rewarding" matrix of hypothecation/rehypothecation/re-rehypothecation, believing 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 1000 to 1 leverage has no consequences...

Creating endless amounts of fiat money has no consequences...

Endless lies have no consequences...

Self-delusion has no consequences...

Endless wars have no consequences...

While the indoctrinated sheeple may fall for this, we know we don't, and certainly the 1% elite don't either. (More importantly, neither do the countries of the East.) But because we are far removed from the secret places of power and decision making, we are left to read and interpret the tea leaves of information that fall our way.

Recently, one such sign fell to the ground, for the common to see:

Notice anything strange about the real estate listing above?

How about the "Financial Terms" line. It reads, "Cash, Other, Hard Money." No loans accepted. No FHA, VA or even conventional mortgage terms allowed. (Could it be they know the odds of such mortgages not defaulting in the near future is slim to none?) Only cash or other HARD MONEY is acceptable, that is gold and/or silver.

Wow! Gold and silver, surely the seller is some sort of conspiracy nut case who believes in pet rocks.

But wait, what's this? The property in question is a short sale, meaning the owner is the party that loaned the original buyer the proceeds to buy in the first place, but the buyer can no longer make the agreed upon payments and would like to exit the deal without going through the foreclosure process. But because the property is worth less than it was when originally bought, the lender must agree to take less for the property than the loan amount, guaranteeing the lender a loss on the deal.

And who does this type of business, i.e. loaning money to buy real estate? Why our good friends the Banksters, of course!

But why now take that barbarous relic, gold/silver in a short sale, especially when their prices keep going down?

Do they know something we don't?

Have they been told something we don't know about, such as a coming devaluation of the dollar?

And what about the asking price going from $99,900 to $145,000? Is this some sort of code only the 1% elite understand? Is the US$ to be devalued by 50% in the near future?

Who knows, but certainly when a financial institution asks for HARD MONEY after decades of feasting on FIAT CURRENCY, a currency that they themselves can create out of thin-air, and at zero cost, and then loan to others with interest, something strange is going on.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hyper-Inflation Warning #1

Something interesting happened last month that has never happened before during Verify The CPI's history of tracking of the real cost of living. If this trend continues, the long awaited collapse of the US Dollar in a hyper-inflationary death spiral may be upon us.

For over the past 6 or 7 years, the Federal Reserve has forced the world into Zero Percent Interest Rates (ZIRP), all in the name of saving the Western World's economies from total collapse. But this unorthodox policy has only helped to further destabilize the very entities it was supposed to help.

As it became clear ZIRP was not working as planned, the Fed started to create money out-of-thin-air, under the academic sounding name Quantitative Easing (QE). But why was QE necessary in the eyes of the Fed? It was because as US Treasuries and Bonds yields fell towards the zero bound, and way below the real rate of inflation, no one of sound mental thinking wanted to by them. The Fed became the buyer of last resort for these toxic instruments and now owns 80%+ of them.

Because they are now virtually the only buyer of US Government paper, they had to also start to manipulate all other markets to keep the illusion that "all is well," and that "The Market" still believes in and trusts the wisdom of the central bankers at the Fed. It is all about maintaining trust in the system. Once you tell a lie, you have to keep telling more lies to cover your tracks. Thus market manipulation breeds further market manipulation.

As the Fed began to pick and choose economic winners and losers in a fashion strictly devoid of reality, the US economy has become the Matrix, were truth must be suppressed twenty-four seven. This is especially true in the commodities markets, were in order to promote the fantasy of sub two-percent inflation, prices have been relentlessly driven below the cost of production. To keep this scam going the Fed has had to pay off the CEO's of commodity related business, to keep them from screaming from the rooftops that the Fed is destroying their businesses and the world's economy. Faith in Big Brother must be maintained.

For example, ever since Germany was denied in their request for the return of a small portion of their gold held by the Federal Reserve, presumably because the Fed had illegally sold/stolen it, an extremely bullish precious metals event, the price of gold has only gone down. The Fed, through its TBTF Banks has sold unbacked paper contracts by the billions of dollars to preserve faith in the dollar. The Fed had to. They had to preserve faith in their fiat money system that only benefits the 1% owner's of the USA.

Now four years or so later, when even the most clueless of financial analysts admit the precious metals market is being constantly manipulated, not a peep of protests among the CEO's whose companies are being systematically destroyed. The Fed has now had to pay them off to preserve it's economic matrix. The same goes for all commodity related businesses. Call it Quantitative Easing Hush-Money (QEHM). The manipulation to hide the truth is beginning to go exponential.

Can this go on forever? Was Orwell right in his vision of the future where the boot of tyrannical government stomps down on the face of humanity forever?

Thankfully, I don't believe so. Once a certain small percent of the population has had enough, and no longer believes in the lies of the Fed, reality will overcome the manipulation. People will begin to act in their own self-interest once they realize they are being lied to. We may have now reached this point as last month, paper lies have been rejected by economic reality and self-preservation.

In July 2015, the Fed manipulated price of crude oil fell by an amazing 21%, from $59.47 to $47.12, levels not seen since the crash of 2007-2008, all to keep the low inflation story alive in people's minds. But out in the real world, the price of gasoline in my neighborhood ROSE by 4% and is now at its highest level for the year!!!!

This has never happened before in the history of Could it be ordinary business people are beginning to abandon the Fed's elaborate paper dominated matrix for their own self-preservation. Can they now see with their own eyes that inflation isn't less than 2%? Can they see that the economy isn't in recovery? If it is, why are we still in a ZIRP world? Do they now realize that if they rely on the Fed's paper mache prices that are below the cost of production they will go broke. Is your own death really worth protecting someone else's lies?

Stay tuned.

Friday, May 22, 2015

April 2015 Inflation Report: Up is the New Down

The US Government CPI report for April 2015 was released today. 

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Friday, May 15, 2015

The End of an Era

It has been my pleasure to provide you with the Internet's only free site to shine the light of truth regarding the real rate of inflation for the United States for the past 4+ years.

But thanks to seven plus years of financial repression courtesy of the Federal Reserve, has decided to end its policy of giving out free reports on the true rate of inflation for the US economy.

Beginning today, our Inflation Updates will be available for $5.00 per report. However, as a special offer, the Inflation Updates for the first quarter of 2015 (January, February, March) will be available for $10.00.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

December 2014 Inflation Report: Saying Hello to an Old Friend

The BLS released their CPI numbers for December 2014 last week.  The table below shows the difference between propaganda (CPI) and reality (my personal inflation rate or PCPI.)

For December, the CPI fell by 0.4%, which was the biggest decline since April 2013. My PCPI fell by 1.2%, which was the biggest decline since December 2012. Both of these drops were due to the collapse in gasoline prices.

According to the CPI people, gas fell by 9.4% for the month, while my local gas prices fell by 12.6%. This plunge wasn't large enough, however, to keep my PCPI from ending 2014 at a record high inflation rate of 13.2% compared to the CPI's 0.7%.

This is a record level of propaganda. This means my Disinformation Index Reading (DIR) for 2014 hit a mind-blowing 1,887%!!! In other words, the true rate of inflation in the USA is over 18 times higher than what the political leaders say it is. This DIR level for 2014 was twice as high as it was in 2013, and over three times higher than 2012. It is four and one-half times larger than it was in 2011 and 2010. (Notice a trend here?)

In short, if this unprecedented level of economic lies mean anything, 2015 might be a year for the record books, and not in a good way. It has already started out that way when the Swiss National Bank shocked the world by ending its 1.2 peg to the Euro. A peg it vowed to keep defending only three days before it didn't. Already numerous financial houses have announced their bankruptcies thanks to this unexpected policy change. The expected losses could total in the hundreds of billions. More importantly, it signals to the world that Central Banks are now out to protect themselves, everyone else be damned. The era of Central Bank worship may just have crashed back to Earth. Or should that be Hell?

Why did the Swiss decide to upset the fiat apple-cart with such an unexpected move? There are numerous theories, one being that the European Central Bank is about to unleash unlimited Euro printing via Quantitative Easing soon. If this is true, the value of the already weak Euro could dive head first into the world of hyperinflation, a world not visited by any Western nation since the Germans in the 1920's. This is not a place the Germans are about to enter without putting up a fight.

Maybe the Swiss got word from the Germans, who still recall the horrors that hyperinflation brought to them and their society, that they are going to drop the Euro and return to the Mark before the Euro crashes to zero. Maybe they are going to back the new Mark with gold, and this is why they are putting more and more pressure on the Fed to get their gold back.

This very well could be the case as a few years ago the Germans very quietly started printing new Marks as an insurance policy against the insanity and treachery of other Central Banks especially the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve. Maybe it's time to collect on that policy.

The 1% have their insurance, what about you?

Description                        CPI                       PCPI

December 2014                    -0.4%                    -1.2%
December Gasoline              -9.4%                  -12.6%
12 month Gas                      -21.0%                  -20.3%
December Food                      0.3%                     0.1%
12 month Food                      3.7%                    16.5%
December Electricity              0.8%                   -3.0%
12 month Electricity             3.1%                      3.4%
12 month health insurance    4.8%                     68.7%

2014                                       0.7%                    13.2%

Monday, December 22, 2014

November 2014 Inflation Update: The Fed Panics?

The BLS released their CPI numbers for November 2014 last week.  The table below shows the difference between propaganda (CPI) and reality (my personal inflation rate or PCPI.)

As you can see, my YTD inflation has been nearing the critical 20% level that historically has triggered hyperinflation.  On an annualized basis it has been hovering above this threshold all year until falling just below 20% this month and last. Maybe this is the reason for the dramatic drop in gasoline prices. The Fed was beginning to panic and needed to do something to "keep the faith" in the dollar. Of course hurting Russia at the same time never crossed their little minds.

My overall inflation rate fell a large 1.3% due to this plunge in gas prices.  Food prices, however, continued their hyperinflation-like jump, up 0.7% in November, and almost 17% higher than last year. Again, the plunge in gas prices has helped to hide this fact from the MSM, and therefore the sheeple.

If gasoline prices had remained unchanged for the last two months, my YTD PCPI would be around 17%, again nearing the psychologically important 20% hyperinflation level. This was way too close for comfort for the gang at the Fed I'm sure, necessitating more market interventions to keep the sheep on the US$ Plantation. Lowering gas prices was their easiest choice, as the Dow Jones Propaganda Index must continue to sparkle the sheeple's eyes.

Once again the only question that remains is how much longer can the Fed keep this up?

Description                        CPI                       PCPI

November 2014                   -0.3%                     -1.3%
November Gasoline             -6.6%                    -7.3%
12 month Gas                      -10.5%                   -10.1%
November Food                    0.1%                      0.7%
12 month Food                     3.4%                    16.8%
12 month Electricity             2.8%                      1.9%
12 month health insurance    3.1%                    68.7%

2014 YTD                             1.1%                    13.7%
Annualized                            1.2%                    16.1%

Monday, November 24, 2014

October 2014 Inflation Report

The BLS released their CPI numbers for October 2014 last week.  The table below shows the difference between propaganda (CPI) and reality (my personal inflation rate or PCPI.)

As you can see, my YTD inflation rate is nearing the critical 20% level that historically has triggered hyperinflation.  On an annualized basis it has been hovering above this threshold all year until falling just below 20% this month.

My overall inflation rate was unchanged for the month despite a very large 13.8% decline in gasoline prices.  This was due to increases in food, electricity and trash removal costs, which doubled thanks to the closure of the nearest landfill.

If gasoline prices had remained unchanged for the month, my YTD PCPI would have crossed 17%, again nearing the psychologically important 20% hyperinflation level. This was way too close for comfort for the gang at the Fed I'm sure, necessitating more market interventions to keep the sheep on the US$ Plantation. If it wasn't for the Fed's secret cash injections into virtually every large company in America, to keep them and the stock market afloat, the dollar would have already died.

How much longer can the Fed keep all the chainsaws in the air before cutting off its arms, no one knows. (The poor US middle-class has already been decapitated.) But one thing is certain, what is unnaturally supported and/or suppressed cannot last forever.

Description                        CPI                       PCPI

October 2014                        0.0%                     0.0%
October Gasoline                -3.0%                    -13.8%
12 month Gas                      -5.0%                     -8.0%
October Food                       0.1%                      0.2%
12 month Food                     3.3%                    16.3%
October Electricity               0.5%                      5.0%
12 month Electricity             3.1%                      1.7%
12 month health insurance    2.6%                    68.7%

2014 YTD                             1.4%                    15.0%
Annualized                            1.7%                    19.6%